James Gretton
Web developer, London

I make websites and apps.

I also run Igloo, an East London based graphic design and web development agency, plus I've got a number of projects on the go inlcuding PrintFinch and Lights. You can connect with me on LinkedIn, follow me on twitter or email me.

You'll find some examples of my work below.

Interior-iD. Webby nominee. JavaScript framework. Find me a smoother site and I'll eat my bespoke cabinet.

Make. A CMS I've built at Igloo, powers most of our sites.

Ted Kravitz. I do enjoy a good Google Maps integration.

Patentise. Scrolly site. Webby Awards shortlist - top 5 law site.

Point101. Online shop, upload system, cms, backend image and order proceessing systems. This one kept me busy!

Harridge Business. Stripy transitions. Igloo named them too.


Some stuff that I use: