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Samuel Smith established the Samuel Smith's brewery in 1886 (or shortly after) in his home town of Tadcaster, North Yorkshire.

He had inherited his premises from his uncle, William Smith, who owned the John Smith's brewery next door.

The John Smith's brewery has since sold out horribly, moved its brewery away from Tadcaster and now produces uninteresting smooth-flow beer under the Heineken umbrella. [Gretton, 2010]

Samuel Smith's however has kept its independence and still brews all its excellent beer from its original Tadcaster brewery.

In recent years, Sam Smith's have also been operating pubs across the UK. These pubs, usually decorated in a Victorian style, sell only Sam Smith's brand beer at very affordable prices.

In summary, Sam Smith's' pubs offer excellent independently brewed beer at astonishingly low prices which is why I'm a massive fun of all that is Sam Smith's!

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